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You can sell HD pellets as the manufacturer’s brand or under your own retail brand with a “HD quality label”. There is no difference in the products in terms of quality: Each certified HD manufacturer produces exclusively 100% HD quality pellets. As an HD retail partner, you are free to decide how thoroughly you want to make use of the benefits of HD pellets. Thanks to the innovative HD technology, you always receive pellets with which your customers can take full advantage of the optimised performance of their pellet burner from our partners.

If you still want to offer other pellet qualities alongside HD quality, the small word “also” takes on a key role. So that your customers can always recognise whether they are looking at HD quality – and we expect it from you – you must always clearly differentiate in your product information and pellet deliveries. For this, you are entitled to use the HD quality label with the addition of “Now also” and to access the HD advertising materials portal.

As an HD exclusive partner, you commit to buying 100% of your pellets from one or more certified HD manufacturers of your choice. In return, you receive trademark rights for 100% HD quality and privileged retailer status with our HD manufacturers. For you, this means a reliable, year-round supply of TOP quality pellets under excellent conditions in line with the market and individual marketing support.


One way or another – put your trust in HD quality pellets! Whether as a retailer with a variety of pellet qualities or as an HD exclusive partner. In both cases, appropriate use of the HD® brand is free for you. It is – just like use of the HD advertising materials portal – simply associated with a steady supply relationship with an HD manufacturer of your choice.


HD technology benefits for marketing

HD® stands for more than just superior pellet quality. HD® also stands for a strong network of leading pellet manufacturers and retailers and a professional brand image. It pools the positive effects of the advertising measures and offers you a multitude of advantages for marketing.

Clear competitive advantage

Clear competitive advantage

In order to be more successful than others, you have to rise above the competition. This is particularly difficult with a “mass product” like premium wood pellets. But it is now possible thanks to the patent-protected HD pellet technology. HD pellets offer product properties which are simply not possible with conventional production technology.

Long-term customer loyalty

Long-term customer loyalty

Whether when buying through the pellet retailers or selling to the consumer: Quality is always the decisive argument. And HD quality pellets are simply miles better! And the best thing is: The customer can see it and discover the differences too – the benefits are clear and verifiable. These are the perfect conditions for long-term customer loyalty.


Strong brand

With the “HD quality label”, you can strengthen your own brand and increase your commercial success. And if you rely on 100% HD quality, you enjoy the ideal conditions of a privileged partnership. HD® – a strong brand which stands for superior pellet quality throughout Germany and beyond and offers you excellent future prospects.

High customer satisfaction

High customer satisfaction

Smooth heating operation, less dust, improved efficiency and lower emissions ensure a positive customer experience. With HD quality wood pellets, your customers will be even more satisfied! And a satisfied customer is the best advertising. They say good things about you and your pellets, remain loyal to you over many years of consistent service – and they recommend you to others!

HD retailers
Quality is the highest priority

We don’t ask much of an HD retailer: For us, ENplus certification is as self-evident as outstanding customer service and a high level of professionalism in the handling of wood pellets.


The HD purity requirement

If you “also” want to sell HD quality pellets, you must guarantee the clean separation of conventional pellets and HD pellets. And if you use your own pellet storage facilities, separate inventory turnover must also be guaranteed, and able to be verified at any time. The foundation for a commercial partnership is always a steady

supply relationship with at least one HD pellet manufacturer. As soon as we receive written confirmation of this from the manufacturer, you gain clearance to use the HD quality label and get your personal access code for the HD advertising materials portal. In addition, we naturally also include you in our supplier file – you can then also be found and receive direct enquiries through the retailer search on the HD website.

Obviously, the use of the HD® brand and access to the advertising materials portal require a steady supply relationship with at least one HD manufacturer and the active sale of HD quality pellets.


With HD technology, you secure a clear competitive advantage and experience optimal sales support.

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Your individual HD advertising materials
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The HD advertising materials portal

As an HD retail partner, you also get a personal access code for the HD advertising materials portal. Here, you can download image materials, infographics and the quality label and order all advertising materials in cost-effective small runs, upload your logo and a photo, and enter individual texts in the positions intended for this purpose or adapt and adopt sample texts.

Don’t worry, our web-to-print solution is very easy to use, and if you still need help from time to time, it is promptly available. There are two alternatives for vehicle signage:


We either send you the print data for your vehicle signage provider or send you the finished vehicle sticker directly – you can also get a diagram for applying it to your silo lorry upon request, or you can order a labelling service.

All HD advertising materials are also available with the “Now also” label for retailers who supply a variety of pellet qualities and the “100%” for all HD exclusive retailers.

HD® - a strong brand for your success!


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