HD-Pelletstechnology: a new generation of pellets

This brand-new HD-Pelletstechnology allows you to get pellets which have a constant and defined length base produced with a very gentle process. This is possible because the ends of the radially expanding pellet strings are checked during their rotation and cut with a minimum of mechanical stress.

The impressive figures in the diagrams and pictures clearly demonstrate the performance of the HD-Technology and how this technology enormously improves the product.

Conventional cutting techniques with weaknesses

The pelleting technology originated from the feed production sector. The production of wood pellets required numerous technical customizations and the pressing techniques for high-grade wood pellets undergo constant optimizations. Up to today the cutting system was out of any scope. The primitive system which is barely good enough to produce animal feed is a blatant weak point in the design when producing wood pellets. Today, the leading pellet mills produce thousands of endless strings, continuously and simultaneously. To produce wood pellets conforming to standards without any overlength, it is necessary to break these strings relatively fast into small items – the pellets.

Using the conventional technique the ‚fresh’ pellet strings are hammered with their ends against the ladder-like arranged flat bars at the full rotation speed of about 11 fold centrifugal force shortly after they left the drilling channel. The consequence: a lot of dust, cracked and short pellets, amongst which you will also find many with cuts, compresses and scratches.

Adjust the maximum length
and length peak
millimeter by millimeter!

Every manufacturer of pellets faces this issue: the question is how to adjust the gap at the conventional cutting segments. Either you adjust the cutter a bit further away from the ring die, and some overlngthe pellets find their way through the crosscutters. Or you position the cutting device closer to the die to avoid output with overlength and most of the pellets are quite short. The conventional technique does not allow a check of the cutting process. Due to its design you will receive various lengths with a clear trend to get pellets which are short. In addition you will also have a lot of cracked pellets and dust.

With the HD-Technology you can adjust the required average length, without taking the risk to produce too long pellets.
The HD-Pelletstechnology guarantees to have a precise maximum length limit - irrespective of the adjusted nominal length!